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Every little helps: Micro Grants


S4ALL's mission is to help support and give back to the community. One of the ways we aim to do this is providing Microgrants to causes, events and groups. How we do this is by using money we have made from the S4ALL Charity shop and donations the charity receives. Everything that our community centre makes is reinvested into giving back as much as we can.

Charitable donations comprise of Grants/Donations, Micro grants and sponsoring sporting teams. Throughout 2020/2021 we have supported many causes throughout Stainforth.

Starting with donations and grants, we contributed to the flowers in the park, Bonfire toffee donations, and contribute some compost to the Miner's memorial garden.

We proudly supported Laura Woffindin with prizes for the DN7 Pumpkin Tail, which was such a great event for the kids to celebrate Halloween during the pandemic.

S4ALL also gave a charitable donation to Pitman's pantry and redesigned their menu.

We also provided Microgrant cheques, in the last year we offered at least 6 cheques to groups, a total of £1700 from the whole year.

During the pandemic, even though we hadn't officially re-opened yet, S4ALL tried to continue to support the local community as best we can. In August alone we gave out a whopping £1200 to the local community and help get Stainforth running again. Stainforth Resource Centre, Stainforth Sugarcraft Artist, Stainforth Community Sewing Club, and all 3 Stainforth Community Art Groups have all received £200 each from our Micro Grants scheme.

We are also proud to sponsor Stainforth Miners football team and continue sponsoring the local Stainforth Juniors football club, may they continue to nurture our local young athletes to victory!

We hope to be able to continue our support for the community events, groups and causes in the coming years to come. We thank everyone that has come to us and supported the community centre and charity. Every Little bit does really help us, help you.

To contact us call 01302841239 or email

Follow our socials at @stainforth4all

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