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7 reasons why S4ALL is vital for Stainforth

Updated: Jul 23, 2019

Some say libraries are dying out in this day and age but we couldn't disagree anymore! S4ALL is a vital part of Stainforth, and we're often described as "the heart of the community", but we're not going to dilly dally on who said this and who said that. Here at S4ALL, we're going to prove how important our little building is for Stainforth and why everyone should support us! In case you forgot or didn't know, back in 2011 Stainforth Library was going to shut down due to government cuts but hooray Stainforth 4 ALL, now known as S4ALL swooped in and saved this essential building on Church Road. Now we are a community hub which has been made an example of to others in the Doncaster area. We've turned this once declining library to a breath of fresh air for Stainforth!

Don't know all the great things we do for you locals? Well, you're in luck:

1. Our quality library service

Yes, we were once only a library back in the day, but we are so much more now, but that doesn't discredit that we are still proud of our library service! We have hundreds of books with many genres to choose from. It gets better. We have FREE children books to give away to keep! We believe every child has a right to read and learn how to read. Many parents can't afford to buy new books to read to their children, that's why we are proud to have given so many children's books away.

2. Charity Shop

One of the few clothes shops in Stainforth ours has for sure the biggest bargains! Our prices are like no over fashion shop while still keeping our high standards. It can be expensive to buy brand new clothes and a trip to Donny centre so why not shop local? We sell clothes, shoes, toys, technology, jewellery, furniture plus many more! So pop in and find some hidden gems. Oh yeah, as well as supporting our local shops, you are also regenerating Stainforth. ALL of our profits go back into helping Stainforth! If you have any spare clothes or anything you don't want anymore, donate them to us! Tons of millions enter landfills every year and charity shops help reuse items which would once have been thrown out. One man's trash is another man's treasure!

3. Job Club

We've changed many people's lives, help them get off benefits and on the right path with our job club service. We offer vital services in this department, which Stainforth locals would need to travel to get help, which can be too expensive for some. Need help writing your CV? We can help. Got a phone interview and you're shy over the phone? We run practice phone interviews. Got an interview and you're nervous? We run practice interviews and teach you how to improve. We can also PAY for your travel for these interviews! This type of service in one of a kind and is vital to helping Stainforth improve it's employment stats. To book a place pop in or ring 01302 841239.

4. Educational Trips & Events

We live in an area where many families can't afford to have fun but costly days out. We don't want any child feel as if they're missing out, so we put on educational (but also fun) family trips throughout the year. But guess what? They're all for free! We've been to Warwick Castle, The National Space Centre, CAST at Doncaster plus many more! S4ALL is also known for a party or two. We throw family parties for Easter, Summer and Christmas, which all have free food, drinks, music and games. S4ALL also contributes to other events in Stainforth such as helping out with Party in the Park as well as bringing Stainforth Gala back this year!

5. Internet Cafe

Our computer area is vital for some people in Stainforth. Many locals cannot afford pricey broadband so many come to us for free unlimited internet access! Having access to the internet is beneficial in so many ways. Most jobs are online now, so internet access is vital in increasing employment in Stainforth. The internet is also a way of keeping in contact with family and friends. Loneliness is a big thing for elders, and that's why we run a tablet/computer teaching course called Give IT a Go for over 65s! We teach essential skills to know how to use tablets and the internet safely. We are connecting them with friends, family and the rest of the world and decreasing loneliness.

6. Group Activities

At S4ALL, we're a place where groups can come together to learn new skills. As well as our Give IT a Go sessions, we also have our Art Class on Thursdays, which is taught by a qualified teacher with over 30 years experience. He'll provide you with all the equipment, knowledge and get you creating some masterpieces in no time! We're recently becoming a place for LGBTQ+ disability group called Arcadia - LDAS. Where a place where everyone can be themselves. So if you have a group you'd like to start we can become a place for you! Get in touch, and we'll see if we can make it work.

7. Micro Grants

We believe a community that looks out for one another is a better community for all. Over the past few years, we've given a total £1400 to other community groups in Stainforth and the surrounding areas. Organisations such as Women's Aid, National Childbirth Trust, Stainforth Art Group and Fishlake Village Hall, to name a few have all benefited from our micro scheme.

So there you have it! There's a lot we do that perhaps some of you didn't realise. Stainforth wouldn't be the same without us. Help us to help Stainforth become a better place to live for all. We have big plans for the future. This is only the beginning. Keep update to date with what we're doing on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @stainforth4all.

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