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S4ALL's IT Training "Give IT a Go" success!

Since starting in June, the Give IT a Go project has been a tremendous success! So much so there's now a waiting list of 18 people but don't be put off by this! Still, sign up because if you're over 55 and struggle with all the technical side of things, we can help you with it in so many ways. Take a look at what our previous learners have said:

"I have thoroughly enjoyed it, I have learned not to be frightened of it, and I like learning. We're older, and we need to know how to communicate this day and age." - SANDRA ROSSER

"Found the course very interesting, enjoyable and educational. Would recommend others to 'Give IT a Go'! The tutor was very patient and informative, excellent." - JANE STEPHENSON

"It has been really interesting, and I can recommend anyone who is needing to learn just to try, having the opportunity with Fiona has been amazing." - JANET ATKINSON

Eight people have completed the course in the last three months, and all completers have said their confidence and IT skills have grown. Fifteen people are currently partway through the course with more starting in September. The Give IT a Go project has given away eight tablets to eligible completers worth £400 altogether! And you could qualify for a FREE tablet yourself!

With all these people signing up we need help teaching them, do you think you could give us a hand? And be a 'digital champion'? We have had two volunteers that have helped us, but we need a lot more. Volunteering for us will make you stand out in your CV, and for doing us a favour, we'll give you one back by giving you a glowing reference while helping your community.

Stainforth 4 ALL would like to say a massive thank you, Fiona Lawrence, for all her hard work being the tutor for Give IT a Go and teaching everyone IT skills they never thought they achieve.

So if you want to Give IT a Go or want to help out then pop in Stainforth 4 ALL library or ring us on 01302 841239.

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