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Today we Stainforth 4 ALL awarded £200 of micro-grants to local communities from the profits we make from our charity shop. £100 has gone to Fishlake Art Club & £100 to Fishlake Village Hall.

Fishlake Art Club is a group of individuals who paint for pleasure. The group includes a qualified further education teacher. Members have dwindled from over 30 to around ten on a good night. However, it isn't the cost for the materials as this is up to each of the individuals, but the price of the ever-rising rent for the room.

Over the years Fishlake Art Club has helped over 15 teenage boys and girls pass their art exams with honours, 6 of which are now going on to university.

The Fishlake Village Hall is an old building and always needs attention. They rely on rental income to meet the financial costs of this. They've identified a problem with the paved area at the front, which is now very uneven and dangerous. They're looking into ways of tackling the problem and making it safe for their users. It has made them realise it will be a costly business.

These micro-grants schemes are all from the profits we make from our charity shop. We make no money from it ourselves. Everything goes back into the local community. So if you have anything you don't use/want anymore, please don't throw it away, give it to us! You'll be helping your items find a new home and improving your area at the same time!


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