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Monthly roundup: Goodbye June, Welcome Dog days of summer.


The changes in restrictions further encourages and reminds us that it’s not much longer until all restrictions are hopefully lifted and we can move through this period of hardship. As current guidance suggested we have started to allow more people in at a time, and we can feel the centre springing back to life.

Keeping the streets clean is one of our main missions, thus sparking the creation of our street cleaning team of volunteers, SERV. We passed on the baton to a new generation of street cleaning operatives who were ready and raring to go. The Pupils of Travis St Lawrence C of E Primary School showed a gleaming enthusiasm to the task of litter picking in Hatfield Jubilee Fields. Charlie Mournian, a Stainforth resident and trainee Teaching Assistant at Travis, reached out with an idea to encourage a new generation to keep their community clean.

We agreed to funding via an S4ALL Micro Grant and created the signature ‘Little Litter Hero’ Hi Vis Jackets, (showing the community exactly what they are), as well as providing mini litter pickers and bin bag hoops. The children go out and scout the area for litter, sharing their equipment within their teams. As expected the litter picker tools are by far the most exciting to the kids, just as they are to adults!

We would like to say thank you to Charlie Mournian, the class teachers, and the Chair of Governors, Lee Pitcher, for inviting us to be part of this great DN7 project. But most of all we want to say a huge WELL DONE to the Children of Travis St Lawrence C of E Primary School - you are doing an amazing job!

In June we also celebrated Volunteers week. Stainforth 4 ALL’s volunteers work tirelessly to keep this community centre going and we would not be where we are today without their willingness to donate their time and care to the jobs they’re doing. Lillian Hollidge comes in and puts on an English Speaking class where she teaches basic English skills to those who need or feel like they want to improve their English skills. Annie Rodgers keeps her charity shop in tiptop shape and provides the best bargains around. Charlotte and Tim both keep the community centre running, providing substantial service and customer care. Our volunteers are the heart and soul of our charity and we thank them for all of their efforts.

After thanking our volunteers, the return of the hugely successful Volunteering4Health project has made a comeback. This encourages 18-24 year olds with a health condition to volunteer for 10 weeks at S4ALL, at the end you can receive £100 voucher as a thank you for your service. There are a multitude of volunteering opportunities available for all skill sets ranging from helping in the IT suite, to the charity shop or even SERV. Our latest volunteer Jack Rodgers-McCabe helps our customers with computers and in the charity shop. He generously helps us whenever he can whilst also managing his Type 1 Diabetes. So, if you are also interested then please stop by S4ALL, any help you can give is appreciated and receive a reward in return.

If you have any queries about the library or S4ALL, please contact us. Telephone 01302 841239 or email:

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