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The benefit of Barrier Buster

Stainforth 4 ALL's Barrier Buster Fund is a charitable service designed to help local people get back into work. Barrier Buster funding helps to overcome barriers into employment, such as needing money to travel to a new job, training costs, or requiring a licence or equipment for work. Over the past year, we have funded:

  • CSCS cards (to work on a building site)

  • Monthly bus passes for those starting work (to allow them to get to work in the period before their first pay packet)

  • Fork Lift Truck Licences

  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

  • SIA Security Licences

  • Bus tickets to get to interviews

The key figures during 2016-17 are:

  • We helped 46 local people with Barrier Buster funding

  • We spent a total of £6165

  • Barrier Buster funding allowed 18 people to get back into work and we expect many of the others to follow soon

  • Below are two case studies showing how Barrier Buster Funding has helped:


Shaun Olerton, 54, was an interior decorator for most of his life. However, this job was only seasonal, and certain time of the year he would struggle to make ends meet. Shaun was then miserable to develop Carpel Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) - a condition that causes numbness, weakness and pain in the hand and fingers. Because of this, he couldn't pick up the heavy pots of paint and equipment anymore, which led to him losing his job. Shaun was out of work for nearly two years until he found out about Stainforth 4 ALL, who helped him find a new direction and overcome his barriers into employment. We paid for Shaun's Telescopic Forklift licence - a total of £216, which he was unable to afford without our help. Today, Shaun is a Forklift Telescopic Operator with Road Kev. Shaun was keen to give Stainforth 4 ALL and the Barrier Buster scheme credit:

"Without Stainforth 4 ALL's help, I would still be out of work. Now I've got a job that I can do even with my Carpel Tunnel problem."


Sammy-Jo Youhill, 28, had been unemployed since leaving college ten years ago. She was unable to work as she became a single parent, bringing up three kids alone. However, as her kids grew older, Sammy-Jo decided she wanted a job, and her neighbour told her about Stainforth 4 ALL's community centre and the Barrier Buster scheme. Sammy-Jo had applied to be a Care Assistant at Dr Anderson's Lodge and were successful, but she needed to pay for her DBS check and couldn't afford it. We were able to overcome this barrier into work and paid the cost for her, allowing her to start work soon after.

Today, Sammy-Jo is still at Dr Anderson's Lodge and loves the work. She is currently doing an NVQ to progress her Care career and praised the Barrier Breaker fund:

"Without Stainforth 4 ALL paying for my DBS I wouldn't have been able to take the job. Thank you so much for your help!"

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