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As some of you might have heard Stainforth 4 ALL is fighting for a new community centre. For those that haven't heard - here's the crack:

Since taking over the library building on Church Road in 2011, popularity has increased dramatically. We want to point out that those that don't know, we are much more than just a library! Stainforth 4 All now includes a whole variety of services which benefits the entire town and can help you as well. From a charity shop to job club, homework club for the kids and I.T training for the 55+ we have it all. Did you know we also have family trips for FREE? Bet you didn't think we can give out micro-grants either?

With all these brilliant services we offer for Stainforth, it's no surprise that we've seen increased demand, and because of this, our little library is not coping. That's why we have put in a bid for a brand new community centre for Stainforth! The new building will have the same fantastic services plus more! They'll be new a soft play area for children, a café with comfy sofas (Central Perk Friends inspired) to have a coffee and a catch-up while you watch your kids having fun. They'll also be an outdoor area and new facilities added including family activities, fitness sessions, adult education, benefit and housing advice and events for older people, with more to come!

If you're thinking "well, how is this going to happen?" Half of the funding is coming from The Big Lottery Fund, and the other half is coming from Power To Change. However, Power To Change will only fund our new community centre if it's proved people will use it. That's why (I'm sure some them might have been you) we have been asking the local people to fill out two questionnaires outside of ASDA and primary schools in Stainforth.

Our target is 700 for each questionnaire, so we have 10% of the population of Stainforth, which is 7000. We currently have 620 on the HUB questionnaire (HUB another word for a community centre) and 650 on the soft play questionnaire. So if you're asked to fill one out, please do! It's to help make your local community a better place to live, work and play.

We're taking inspiration from The Idea Store at Whitechapel, London for our design. With your help, a similar version could be built in Stainforth!

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