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S4ALL's campaign to help a woman who loses everything in a tragic house fire

A woman who we cannot name has lost everything and has watched her whole life set to flames In a tragic house fire event she has lost her home and all her possessions. With no family to turn to she was forced to sleep in her burnt down home on the cold floor for two nights with temperatures below freezing. After being rehoused in Stainforth, she came to us in flood of tears and explained what happened.

Stainforth 4 ALL has donated all we can to this unfortunate woman, but we need others to as well! Please if you have anything at all donate to our charity shop, and we'll deliver it to her new house. This woman has lost everything right before Christmas, and we're trying our best to help her. Let's work together, have some community spirit at this festive time of year and turn this woman's life around.

If you have anything you can give at all, please drop it off at the Stainforth 4 ALL Community Library Building located on Church Road, Stainforth, Doncaster, DN7 5PW. Or ring 01302 841239.

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