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S4ALL Successfully Transfers Management of Dunscroft Community Centre to Dunscroft Together CIC

Official on the1st March 2024

S4ALL is pleased to announce the successful transfer of Dunscroft Community Centre to Dunscroft Together CIC, marking the culmination of a dedicated partnership aimed at preserving this vital community asset.

In October 2021, the Dunscroft Old Age Pensioners Centre charity approached S4ALL to take over as they could no longer afford to keep the centre open after the COVID-19 pandemic. Only a registered charity could take the centre, and recognising its importance to Dunscroft, the S4ALL trustees agreed to step in and take over its management, ensuring the Centre remained open.

Over the past two and a half years, S4ALL has spent £48,000 completely refurbishing the Centre, transforming it into a modern, functional space that can better serve the community. This significant investment reflects our dedication to supporting community infrastructure and activities in our neighbouring village.

In addition to financial support, S4ALL played a key role in establishing a new community group - Dunscroft Together - run by Rob McVay. The intention was always for this group to eventually take over the centre's management.

After two highly successful years of collaborative management, and a lot of hard work by Rob, we are proud to see Dunscroft Together incorporate as Dunscroft Together CIC and take over the Centre's management as of 1st March 2024.

S4ALL remains committed to supporting Dunscroft Together CIC in their ongoing efforts to maintain and enhance Dunscroft Community Centre. We are sure Rob and the team will go from strength to strength and look forward to seeing the continued success of their community activities and events.

The trustees of S4ALL agree that the investment in Dunscroft Community Centre was a worthy one, ensuring this essential community hub continues to serve the residents of Dunscroft.

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