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Stainforth's Neighbourhood Plan

Updated: Jul 23, 2019

If you've heard about the neighbourhood plan or not of heard of it at all, here's everything you need to know:

Stainforth Town Council intends to make a Neighbourhood Plan for Stainforth and will consult the electorate to see what their views and aspirations for Stainforth's future development are.

You might be thinking what a Neighbourhood Plan is? It's basically a plan that gives YOU the people of Stainforth a voice over planning issues in their community. You can have your say on what should go where in Stainforth in the future. This includes several topics such as car parks, housing, leisure areas and parklands, shops, waste grounds, walking areas and heritage.

We hope to visit a broad cross-section of people across Stainforth to obtain a variety of views about the future. The aim is to listen to members of the public as well as local businesses, churches, schools and community groups. 

When made the Neighbourhood Plan will be Planning Law that Doncaster Council MUST adhere to when considering Planning applications. Because of this, it gives the people of Stainforth real power over the future of their town. 

Please do give us your opinions and help us to undertake this enormous task.

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