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Stainforth's own Taekwondo International Champion!

Local Stainforth lad Bradly Sinden turned international Taekwondo champion! Read his success story here:

Bradly started Taekwondo when he was just 4 years old, and it became clear he had a natural talent for it. He soon started applying for local and then national competitions. It wasn’t long when he was quickly being jetted abroad around the ages of 12-14 to fight in the more significant open games. Soon after Bradly had been selected to represent GB at the Junior European Championships in 2015!

Unfortunately, Sheryl (his mum) needed to fund all these trips abroad for her son’s passion. They had already been fundraising for Bradly but needed some help. So they decided to come to Stainforth 4 ALL to help increase funds for him by doing fundraising ourselves, and to get his name out there to have more local support.

In October 2015 he won the Junior European Championships! The next year mid-way through his A-Levels he medalled in the Dutch open (which as a senior in Taekwondo that’s not in full-time is an awe-inspiring feat). Because of this, he got invited to start training twice a week with the full-time seniors and then became a full-time senior himself at the GB Academy in Manchester in August 2016!

Since then Brad has carried on winning medals at every competition! He then was explicitly chosen out of all the athletics GB have for Taekwondo to represent them for the World Championships in South Korea in 2017 where he won a bronze medal. He was the youngest GB male to EVER win a medal at a World Championship!

Bradly now is within the top 32 of the world at number 21 in Taekwondo which means he can be entered the Grand Prix series that happens three times a year. He came 2nd in the London Grand Prix series in 2017.

Brad has achieved all this already at the age of only 19. His next goal is to reach the top 16 of the world in Taekwondo and compete at the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo.

It goes to show no matter where you’re from if you want to achieve, you can.

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